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This week has already brought a lot of surprises and changes and I am still adapting to something I would call a “new chapter of my life”. Last weekend’s post was about this incredible party I was “cooking” for (mostly raw dishes) and the powerful energy these ladies were giving and living. I got a … Continue reading »

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  1. Emir d. Camdzic

    There’s a lot of chefs or home cooks that will steer away from raw foods in ease of sticking to what  pleases others tastes. To a chef it is important what others think and what satisfied, but does that keep one from what is right, or fun, or what may lead to discoveries? Maybe it does and maybe it’s much harder to learn from the fundamental roots of cooking and the simplistic approach. What is a chefs responsibility? 
    Many of us are slaves to our appetite which has been conditioned over the years by what we eat, and never got to wash all that down, all of that which has been stuck on our taste buds thus creating our cravings for something more. So what is a chefs responsibility, is it possible to introduce something new? we’ve seen many criticisms silenced in past years and many other emerging as those in that mode have a reputation for keeping it all the same. More and more are awakening to healthier eating and so where do the chefs fit in? perhaps this gives one the opportunity to educate through taste what ones discoveries have created and share it with the world. 

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