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How much “animal” are we (allowed to be)…?

My friend gave me a great book some time ago. OSHO – ” The way of the white clouds” I have been reading his books, or actually the books his deciples and followers wrote about his speeches and interviews, for many years now and I think there is no better teacher than him who reminds … Continue reading »

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  1. David

    I don’t like eating with others and would prefer to eat in a closet, alone. I find the sounds of others eating and drinking irritating. Having always thought of myself as an animal, this does not surprise me. Humans seem to have a collective dellusiion that they are something other than animals, that they are separete, and that this allows them to take liberties with their fellow creatures and their environment that they otherwise would not. This I trace back to the origin of the desert based religions Islam, Christianity and Judism. They all share an advisarial relationship with the environment, or that the world was provided just for them to use as they wish. I find this vulgar in a Donald Trump sort of way.

    But back to eating. I eat because I get hungry. When I get too hungry, my blood sugar drops, my head hurts, my vision decreases and I can not think clearly. Thus I feel no need to wait for anyone to join me. Food is medicine and it needs to be taken. Because I have decided to live in a human society, and this was a conscious decision, I try to keep my anti-social impulses in check. I find it strange that eating together is promoted while pooping together is not. They sort of seem like the same thing to me.

    I love colorful food. If food has a lot of colors I am delighted. Taste is nice, color is better. But nutrient content tops either. Food to me is not entertainment. It is fuel, it is what gets me around, and deciding what to eat will determine how well I get around and for how long. This seems so obvious to me that I when I see fat people eating donuts I assume they they have chosen to die. Which is fine with me. Everyone has the right to chose to die. I prefer to live, and to live as long and as loud as I can. All my eating decisions are based on health. Will this food increase or decrease my health and vitality? These are not such an easy and obvious decsions. For instance, take fish. Fish is a good source of protein and oils. But farmed fish has all sorts of issues with anti-biotics and toxics that accumulate in the fish pens. Wild fish have the issue of eating whatever, meaning that a wild Salmon may have just munched down on a little guy that is filled with mercury from eating some sludge dwelling even smaller fish. You never know with wild fish. My rule is that smaller is better, less heavy metals, less VOCs. This is work, a lot of work to think about these things. Restaurant eating is especially problematic. Because I know that their values are not mine. They stive for taste and economy, two things that are lower on my priorities than health and nutrition.

    But then I am self acknowledged animal.

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