Eat well, Travel often

Posted by Lisa on November 21, 2012

This has become my mantra over the last years but more than ever I understand the real importance and connection between these topics:

Eating & Travelling

Obviously I do enjoy and love both of these activities almost equally but more than just pleasure they also mean authenticity and freedom to me.
I started travelling when I was 16 (a stundent exchange program) and continued my journey after finishing highschool and realizing that studying and being stuck at the same place over a longer period of time wouldn’t work for me.
I went on an interrail trip to Scandinavia, moved to Bournemouth, UK for a few months, left the music conservatory and dance-school in Vienna to learn capoeira and afro-brazilian dances & rhythms in Salvador, Bahia and finally ended up in my favorite city – New York!

Since then I have been traveling back and forward every year to enrich my life with new challenges, experiences and emotions and each time I returned a little bit “richer” – maybe not in my pockets but definitely as a whole being.
New York is the ultimate city for me that connects my love and passion for food, dancing and traveling.
Every year I find myself in awe about the diversity of people, cultures, tastes and lifestyles and I can almost travel around the world by simply going to different neighborhoods, eating local foods and learning more about people’s heritage and the reasons for leaving their homeland.
It’s still fascinating for me how you can bring back memories from home just by cooking familiar dishes or smelling spices and herbs that remind you of your (great-/grand) mothers kitchen.
I guess that’s one of the reasons why I called my blog “Home is where the kitchen is” – not only because i feel “home” whenever I have a kitchen available to turn butter and flour into a pie crust but also because I can bring “home” to wherever I am just by cooking and eating familiar foods.

My big journey is booked and I am already excited about sharing some stories here with you!
I am leaving to Hawaii February 11 and I have no clue yet what to do and where to stay.
I definitely want to spend some time in Honolulu to dance, train and jam with the “Soulgasm Hawaii” community, then maybe going to Kauai and do some wwoofing but to be honest, I don’t even want to plan too much!
Just getting a little idea about the opportunities on the island(s) but basically let life decide where it wants me to be.
I am going to meet two friends in LA beginning of March and I am already looking forward checking out Matthew Kenney’s new raw eatery M.A.K.E. in Santa Monica.
Of course there are many more places I want to visit and eat my way through organic farms and high-end restaurants!
Luckily I am traveling with a good friend that knows me and my food fanatism…

We will then road-trip for a week to finally end up in San Franciso and Napa Valley!
I can only imagine how much fun its gonna be!
And then…finally…we will all go back to New York and I will spend the rest of my vacation at “home” in my beloved city!
That’s at least the plan for now.

But to be honest…that was not the real motivation to start this post; just to tell you what I am going to do next year.
I actually wanted to open up about the difficulties I had at the first place, deciding to travel again.
Yep, I know it sounds weird and everybody who knows me will think I am crazy but I really had problems imagining leaving my “comfort zone” here in Berlin for such a long time.
I guess my life has been pretty unstable and sometimes upside-down the past 10 years and as much as I loved and enjoyed travelling and exploring new places, I was also looking for some comfort, stability and routine in my life.
And Berlin has welcomed me with open arms and treated me with respect, integrity but also a lot of freedom to do what I wanted and share who I really was.
I have worked more than ever before in my life yet I still can’t and don’t want to call it “work” as it is pretty much the most of ME I can give.
It’s a state of transparency and authenticity and it gives me the chance to experience real freedom and individuality whilst being part of a wonderful team that supports each other and makes unbelieveable things happen!
All my love goes out to the Veganz-team and my brunch & catering colleagues! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

That being said, it was quite hard for me to let go of the idea that I could lose all of this security and consistency by packing my bags (once again) and leaving for a few weeks to a new destination.
But deep inside me I felt the urge and need to do exactly that.
Get out of my comfort zone, have faith in the unknown and be open for changes.
Ha, when I write this, it sounds so easy and “logical” but if I dig deeper it actually scares the shit out of me.
Nevertheless I just know that it’s gonna be good and important and to be honest – it could be a much worse situation than imagining yourself being in Hawaii, California and New York City for a total of 6 weeks, right?

So what I actually wanted to say is: I really appreciate my home-y home here in Berlin, my fabulous room-mate that became more my friend than just someone I share the apartment with, I am grateful for my work and all the opportunities I have to learn and grow every single day.
I am thankful for the city itself, for the space, the bike lanes and the parks that make me feel refreshed and “green” after a day of concrete jungle.

I know this is just the next chapter in my life, a new challenge and opportunity to see whatelse is out there, to appreciate the stability as much as the chaos and knowing that – no matter what you do or in which situation you are – there is always something else out there that wants to be seen, heard and explored – especially when it scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable at the beginning.
I really believe that these are the moments when we learn most about our fears, dreams, wishes and hopes.
We just have to forget what we think we know and throw ourselves in new and unknown situations to live life to the fullest!

But before I leave, there are a few more exciting things happening here in Europe:


  • 24. – 29.12. – London: Checking out new (raw) eateries: 42° RAW, one of my favorite places Wild Food Cafe and a very special traditional Japanese Restaurant I will tell you more when I am back…and of course dance dance dance at Pineapple Studios
  • 1.12. – My first Kitchensurfing booking on December 1. Check out the profile here
  • 11.12. - Christmas Special: Raw Dessert Workshop at Veganz. For more information and registration click here
  • 16.12. – Brunch at Veganz! For reservations click here
  • 21.12. - Christmas Special: Raw Dessert Workshop in Raasdorf/Austria. Check out the invitation here
  • Beginning 2013: The launch of my official Raw Freestyle page – more infos to come!!!

… and to follow my recipes and food journal please sign up for the newsletter and visit my Raw Freestyle Facebook page!

Here a few examples of my recent creations…ENJOY and CELEBRATE LIFE!!!


Raw crackers with mushroom tapenade

Raw Kaki cake with sesame-almond filling

Pumpkin-Tofu Antipasti with fig glace

Triple Nougat Bites

Raw Kelp noodle Pad Thai

Chocolate-Nougat-Caramel Tart

2 Responses to Eat well, Travel often

  1. Gordon Raphael

    You are such a nice communicator! I am happy to have seen you at Veganz Brunch, and to know you are a free spirit, getting more and more free and spreading the joy of high energy combined with amazing EATING! x

    • Lisa

      Thank you Gordon! I am happy we met and you are enjoying the food at Veganz :-)

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