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After my two weeks vacation in Austria I am back in Berlin, starting fresh and with a clear vision.

I had a relaxing, exciting and love-nurturing time with my family on the countryside and I couldn’t get enough of picking berries and (6 different kinds of) tomatoes, digging out beets and carrots and getting my daily dose of greens (chard and humongous spinach) straight from the garden.
That’s what I call paradise…

Heirloom Tomatoes

But not only the fresh produce made my heart sing, also the dark mystical forest in front of our house with the freshest air to breath, the recently harvested corn and sunflower fields, the clear blue sky at night with its dancing stars and of course our swimming pond with two frogs that became more like companions than just some kind of water-animals.

But all of this wouldn’t have been so special if there weren’t PEOPLE to share and experience it with.
First of all my wonderful mommy who really is the best mom I can imagine.
My friend, my soul mate, an encourager as much as a questioner but more than that she is a loving and caring human being with an open heart and mind that impresses me every single day.

Although I have to share my mom since 3 years with my little brother from another father and I have to admit that it was not always easy for me I can now say that being the “big sister” is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever made.

Bro & me

I also got the chance to see my dad twice which always proves how “connected” we are even without being geographically close to each other all the time.
We went to an organic farm’s festival with music, food, animals, local produce and a really great community with my mom, Felix and my uncle. I truly love the countryside and its positive (health) benefits for your body, your soul and social aspects like these.
Really got me thinking about living in a city …

Another big reason for my visit was to see my friends again.
I can’t even put into words how important they are in my life and how proud I am to see how much they grew, what they have achieved and how wonderful people they have become.
I see them much too seldom but each time we get together I feel this strong bond that holds us together since many many years.
*Ranja,this is for you: Thank you for your invitation to your beautiful wedding celebration! It was a magical day and I wish you, Josef and your little baby all my love, health and happiness!*
In that sense I want to thank all of my supportive and caring people in Austria who made this trip a real soulful experience with a lot of hugs, kisses, laughters and heart-to-heart conversations.


Annika & me "cleaning up"

I also arranged a “Raw Freestyle” workshop in Vienna which was a great success and some of the best moments throughout my whole stay.
We were 16 people in total and thanks to my friend Annika (“Lebe deine Veränderung” - Beautiful blog and website) we were able to hold the workshop in the hostel she is working at -> Thank you Wombats for your support!!!

So with all the improvisations and last-minute food deliveries (thank you Johanna)we had a fantastic night (un-)cooking, sampling, arranging the dishes and of course also tasting the food.



It was a great mix of close friends, acquaintances, strangers, long ”lost” highschool friends and of course my fabulous mom!
More than I was excited and nervous to “teach” and talk in front of my friends professionally I enjoyed sharing my knowledge, skills and experiences and encourage some really interesting conversations between the course attendants.
I just love the diversity of people coming together, learning something new and being open for different opinions and lifestyles.
It made me realize even more that I am no-way anything like a “raw foodist” aka Rohköstler, Veganer, Moral-Apostel or  “Kerndlfresser” (sorry, no appropriate translation for that (-: )

"Raw Freestyle" Lasagne

All I wanna do (and that’s the “clear vision” I mentioned above) is to make good, honest, nurturing and satisfying food by leaving it in its most natural state (rather “living” than “raw”) without being dogmatic about it (eg. roasting nuts, cooking grains/legumes instead of sprouting, making quiche with butter, cheese and eggs and burning peppers skin to death before peeling and making the sweetest “roasted red pepper hummus” I can dream of)

I just can’t and don’t want to be put into any kind of category – especially with such a diverse and fun topic like food – that is here to be enjoyed and savored instead of analyzed and questioned all the time.

Don’t get me wrong – I AM a health- and nutrition-conscious person and I love to study all different kinds of foreign foods, ingredients and their (positive) effects on the body and mind but by no means I am a “nutritionist”, a “healer” or a “health-food counsellor” that tells people what they should or shouldn’t eat.

I am always happy to share my own experiences I had and have with raw/living (super) foods and give people ideas and inspiration if they want to change something in their diet (diet = Ernährung(sweise),  ≠ Abnehmprogramm) but in the end everyone has to discover his/her own preferences and learn from “mistakes” – or better – unbeneficial decisions.
I guess that’s just what/how life is (-:

But coming back to the workshop…
There will soon be an article about it from the sweet and talented Parvin who has her own blog – Thx4cooking and also writes for the organic/sustainable lifestyle magazine Biorama! You have to check it out! Love her honest and simple way of cooking and writing!
We are already planning and organizing at least 2 more workshops for December (“Raw Christmas Goodies”) and a bigger, more holistic project beginning of January!
I will keep you updated here and on my facebook page “Raw Freestyle”!

Making food for the “Kitchensurfing lunch”

Another new project I am super excited and happy about is the launch of the new Kitchensurfing page and their “Chef fair”end of the month.
I am proud to announce that I will be one of the 12 chefs that will cook and teach a little bit about raw/vegan food for the press and YOU – if you wanna be part of it or become a host you can register here.
I dedicated the menu to my travels and memories of Brazil (Salvador, Bahia) and I am honored to bring some latin flavors on Berlin’s plates.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer as well and your heart got touched by some romantic street musician tunes, mystical rain showers, naked midnight swims in the ocean, magical encounters with strangers or simply a delicious home-cooked meal with family and friends around the table.

HAWAII - My destination for 2013

For more information about workshops, events and press releases visit the following pages:


-> for my Raw Dessert Workshops register here


Raw Freestyle






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