30-day challange

Posted by Lisa on March 15, 2012

Welcome to the 30-day-raw freestyle-challange!

It’s the first time I am doing this and I feel honoured and excited to be able to “guide” someone through a month of almost raw-wholesome-foods.

The person I am talking about is Reinhard from Vienna.
He is a Bikram yoga instructor, a NLP coach and a mental trainer -> Wandlung

We met last New Year’s Eve at my friend’s house on the countryside in Austria and exchanged interesting topics about health, food and exercise.
I told him about my life and work here in Berlin as a raw food chef and how it transformed my life almost a year ago and how i am still excited about trying out new foods and discovering different approaches to life and holistic health.
He was interested in changing something in his diet, too so he trusted my knowledge and skills to create a food plan for him.
After he filled out my questionnaire with enough details and information about his overall health, energy-level, sleep, digestion and intentions – I started working on a food plan that focuses on mostly plant-based, raw and unprocessed foods, low in sugar and simple carbohydrates, adding more proteins (he practises sports about 15h per week) and still “allow” whole-wheat/spelt or gluten-free bread and “fun meals” with friends.
I don’t want to create food plans that are only healthy and nourishing without being fun and easy to integrate in your social life.
Also, I asked if his interest was in a “quick-fix diet” or if he wants to change his eating habits long-term.
I am happy that he has the intention to change things fundamentally and be open to try out new foods and eating habits.
He was also determined to really cut out everything I suggested – especially sugar and coffee.
That’s the kind of client I like to work with…
Which leads me to a post I have seen on facebook  recently ->

(“Ask the sick person first if he/she is willing to give up everything that made him/her sick. Only then you are allowed to help and heal.” Sokrates)

And although I am neither a doctor nor a professional health-counselor, I do think its important to be clear about the expectations from the client and why he is interested in changing something in his/her life (through diet, exercise, meditation…)

That really is the question: What do we want out of life?

One answer I found for myself is, that I want to be, live and express my full potentinal. Every day. (More or less)

But everyone’s answer is different, and every answer has it’s own significance and truth to it.
There is no need for judgement or indoctrination.
Simply be clear what you want out of your life and your eating/drinking habits, your physical activity, your spiritual journey and the internal emotional work will change accordingly. There is almost no way around it.

So, enough about me and my insights!
Let’s look at Reinhard’s old eating habits, my new food plan and his reviews from the last days…

First of all, his main concern was SUGAR.
He was aware of the fact that he is already consuming too much sweets but still craving cakes and cookies on a daily basis.
When I received the filled-out questionnaire where he documented eating habits and daily meals, I could see why.
The morning starts with two coffees and two white bread rolls with butter.
For lunch it’s more a snacking as he doesn’t really feel hungy, afternoon is cake-time and dinner usually a chinese take-out or (white) pasta with pesto.
Because he is doing a lot of sports and bikram yoga, he doesn’t really have weight problems but he still mentioned an interest in losing a few pounds and tone his body to prepare him for a model job in April.

Also the fact that he feels very tired in the afternoon (that’s when the cake comes in) but then crashes again because of the sugar spike, made him realize that this is not his full potential of health and energy.

So the first thing I changed was, of course – breakfast.
Actually, a pre-breakfast.

- a cup of hot lemon water (helps to detoxify the liver)

… and only when he really feels hungry, the actual nourishment starts with a

Green Smoothie
400 ml nutmilk or (coconut) water
1 large banana
a handful of spinach, arugula, parsley and/or lettuce
piece of cucumber

That should keep him going for at least 2,3 hours.
Whenever he feels hungry, I recommended eating a few nuts and fruits.

For lunch a whole-wheat sandwich with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, hummus, sprouts…anything that is colourful and nutritious with enough protein and fat to keep him full (but not stuffed) so he can use his energy for work.

For the critical time in the afteroon where he usually craves cakes and sweets I suggested dates (preferably no fresh fruits straight after lunch to avoid bloating!) with some almond- or cashewbutter.
It’s incredible how satisfying it can be if enjoyed in moderation and the sugar cravings are almost gone.

But also a protein-rich hemp drink can do wonders if he needs a pre-workout snack to keep him going for the training.

Dinner time:
cooked quinoa, millet or amaranth
lightly steamed veggies or a big green salad with mixed vegetables
+ goats or sheep’s cheese
egg omelett
(smoked) tofu
falafel balls

My main focus was on organic, seasonal and raw fruits and vegetables without major restrictions except

- no sugar or sweeteners (agave, maple syrup, honey etc)
- no white carbs (rice, pasta, bread)
- no cow milk products
- no coffee
- no take-outs (usually contain glutamate)

But I didn’t want to eliminate all cooked foods or animal products as I think its still important to find out for yourself what kind of food you enjoy to eat and what works best for you.

So here is Reinhard’s review of the last days on the new Raw Freestyle food plan: (sorry it’s all in German!)

Samstag 10.März 2012

Frühstück: 1/3 Salatgurke, 1 Kiwi, Bananen-Spinat Smoothie mit Wasser, gesüßt mit Agavensirup (hab das natürlich gleich von der Liste gestrichen…hihi)
Mittags: 1 Glas Wasser mit ausgespresster Zitrone, Omelett mit Broccoli, Tomaten, Rucola, und
auch 2 Eier und ein bisschen Schinken(um die alten Vorräte aufzubrauchen)
Nachmittags: 10 Stk von diesen Datteln, eine handvolle Mandeln, Rice-cracker mit Meersalz, etwas Mandelmus mit 1/2 Banane, (ich koste mich durch)
Abends: 200 ml Mandelmilch, Vollkorndinkelbrot mit Butter, Käse und etwas Schinken (wieder um die alten Vorräte aufzubrauchen) und 2 Karotten und 1/2 Gurke und zum Abschluß Mandelmus mit Bananen aus dem Mixer (juhuuu)

über den Tag verteilt ca 2 liter Wasser und soweit ich das beobachtet habe, war da kein Zucker, Kekse, Kuchen, Weissbrot, Semmeln, Nudeln, Kartoffeln, und vor allem kein Kaffee!! ( Da bin ich ganz stolz auf mich)
Ich fühle mich ganz gut und mir fehlt körperlich im Moment nichts. Glaube aber es fehlen die Proteine.

Sonntag 11.März 2012

Frühstück: Zitrone mit heißem Wasser, 1/3 Gurke, kleine Karotte, 1 Shake mit Rucola, Banane, Agavensirup(fast leer), Mandelmilch und Wasser
Vormittags: 5 Datteln, einige Mandeln, 1 Kiwi, 1x Kokosnusssaft
Mittags: Hirse mit Karotte und kohlrabi gekocht, mit Mandelmus und Mandelöl
Abends: 1 Glas Milch, Banane, 2 Stk Dinkelvollkornbrot mit Butter

über den tag verteilt 2 Liter Wasser, Agavensirup fast leer, werde bei den mandeln und Datteln als Snack bleiben.

Ab morgen wirds spannend, weil da geh ich arbeiten. Wir werden sehen wie ich mich da fühle. Heute war ich im Yoga und habe ganz klar gespürt wie mein Körper leistungsfähiger geworden ist, schon nach einem Tag ohne Zucker, unglaublich!! Extrem gut spürt sich das heiße Zitronenwasser in der Früh an. Etwas mehr grünes Gemüse wäre glaube ich ganz gut.

Montag 12.März 2012

Frühstück: Zitronenwasser(wie immer des wird jetzt standard), 1 Karotte, 2 Bananen
Vormittag: 1 Banane, handvoll Mandeln
Mittags: Hirse mit Karotten und Kolrabi, Mandelöl und mandelmus
Abends: 2 Eier mit 1 Knödel, 10 kleine cocktailtomaten, 2 Stk Dinkelvollkornbrot mit Butter

Dienstag 13.3..2012

Frühstück: Zitronenwasser, Smoothie mit Bananen, Rucola, Mandelmilch, Wasser, Mandelmuss
Vormittag: Linsen und Bohnen, kleine Paprika, Maiskeimöl, Essig, 150 Gramm Mandeln (zuviel, vielzuviel)
und 5 datteln
Abends: Karfiol mit Karotten, Rucola, Mandelmus und mandelöl (esse ich nie wieder, hatte den
ganzen mittwoch dann bauchweh und extremfurzerei), Stück brot mit Butter, 10 Cocktailtomaten

Mittwoch 14.3.2012
Frühstück: Zitronenwasser
Vormittag: 3 Bananen, 1 Gurke,
Mittags: 3 Vollkornbrote mit Butter
Nachmittag: 1 Apfel, ein paar Nüsse, Kokosmilch
Abends: 2 Vollkornbrote mit Butter, etwas Apfelmus, ein paar Nüsse

Hatte den ganzen tag Bauchweh wegen dem Karfiol gestern, oder sind die Nüsse zuviel?
War aber in einem Double Bikram heute und mein Körper ist wirklich viel besser in Form seit Samstag. Jetzt wirds mal Zeit Matcha und ein paar andere Sachen auszuprobieren. Das beginnt am Freitag.


I am so proud of you, Reinhard!
You have my full support!

To be continued…

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  1. Andreas

    Go for it Reinhard! Great Post, Lisa!

    Very inpiring!

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