Avocado Madness Pt. II

Posted by Lisa on May 6, 2011

On Tuesday I posted a raw chocolate mousse recipe (Avocado Madness Pt. I).

Today I recreated it.

For people, who don’t have raw honey, nutbutter or cacao nibs at home or know where to buy Medjool dates.
I have a few suggestions for you guys who don’t care too much about the raw aspect but want to experience something out-of-this worldly phenomenal.
This will be my second attempt introducing you to my sweet avocado madness.


I really really want you to try this recipe based on avocados because you would never imagine that this berry (yes, an avocado is botanically a berry that contains a large seed) can transform an originally cream and egg based mousse au chocolate (make sure you try this recipe as well if you are not vegan!) into something purely divine.

Now listen, avocado-fledglings, nothing can go wrong with that recipe…as long as you keep the texture smooth and the taste sweet enough so it gets permission to enter the platform of dessert h(e)aven.

I varied this recipe because I didn’t have all the ingredients at work and I was just about to dunk a left-over piece of banana in the final mixture to check the sweetness when it suddenly hit me: Chocolate Banana Ice-cream!!!

Oh lord, what a revelation!


It really doesn’t need a lot and it’s fairly quick to put together but it’s one of the most variable, straight-forward and satisfying desserts I have ever made.
And i want you to pin it on your freezer so you have a back-up plan whenever the last “Ben&Jerry” container (or “Haagen Dazs” for the fancy one’s among us) took leave before you could bid a honorable fairwell.
So here we go…


(Raw) Chocolate Banana Ice-cream (aka Avocado Madness Pt. II)

Chop a banana into medium chunks and put them in the freezer for about 1 hour.
Meanwhile blend 1 large ripe avocado, 2 Tbsp (raw) cacao powder, salt and 2 Tbsp (raw) honey in a food prozessor until smooth.
Add the frozen banana pieces gradually until fully incorporated for another minute or two.
You may have to add more honey if it’s not sweet enough but that’s up to you.

Now you have the basic recipe and you can vary from here.
Fold in chopped nuts, cacao nibs, dried coconut or even 1 Tbsp of dark rum and/or instant espresso powder to enhance the dark and rich depth of the chocolate.

Enjoy experimenting and let me know how you liked it!


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