Home is where the love is


I just arrived in Vienna (again) after booking a flight 2 days ago as a result of a whirlwind of emotions and different reasons than holidays, christmas or any other family celebrations.
I am home because my grandpa is in hospital since a few weeks and already went through 5 operations after they found a melignant tumor.

Its been a tough time for my family and I just couldn’t deal with the situation anymore being in Berlin, on the phone with my (grand)ma every day and not knowing whats going on.
I think we are all aware of the circumstances and that there is a chance he might not survive but you know what…..?
That was not even the most painful thought the last days, it was the fact that i was simply NOT THERE.
To see him (which I am still quite scared of), hold his hand and just being present.
It wasn’t the fear i might regret not coming home to say goodbye or help him with his recovery….I just had a very strong and clear feeling that i should be home and go through that tough time with my family together.

So here I am…waiting at Starbucks for my aunt to pick me up and drive to the hospital.
Right now I don’t even feel anything. I am calm and tired from my flight but the whole situation still seems kinda unreal.


It’s my third day at home and the third day i am going to the hospital’s intensive care to visit my grandpa.

The first time I saw him I was pretty shocked (obviously) but I try to stay strong so I can give him a little fresh energy and put a smile on his face.
I am glad I went home and I feel totally different than the last time I was here for christmas.
Not only the circumstances have changed, also the connection to my family is much stronger and more “tangible”.
We are all in the same situation right now – worried, hopeful, desperate, strong…and eager to give everything so he has some good memories when we have to leave the room again.

I don’t want to go more into detail about what’s going on cause somehow I dont even know myself but the main reason I am writing this is because of YOU!
All of you out there that have sent me lovely messages and supported me when I needed it most.
Thank you for not only being my friends but becoming a new definition of what FAMILY means to me.
I am so grateful and happy to have you all in my life!

Also, I want to finish this post with good and positive words (and some chocolate pix as you can see)

Raw chocolate-chestnut mousse cupcake

As most of you know, I will be going to Hawaii February 11 to dance with the Soulgasm Hawaii community and discover the beautiful landscape of Oahu.
I might also work on an organic farm to learn more about the produce, plantation and harvest on the island.
Aaaaand…I am coming back earlier than planned! Most propably first week of March!

Right now, there is a lot going on in Berlin I havent seen – or actually havent given the chance to be seen – the last year.
There are so many beautiful and talented dancers/musicians/Djs/singers/rappers out there and I am hungry to learn and practice as well as start teaching hip hop and house dance in spring.
It will be very different from what you have seen or heard about a “Hip Hop class” or …”What is house dance anyways???”
Here is a little insight from the real hip hop and house dance culture:

Old school hip hop

House dance

Dance = Freedom = Unity = Love


And lets not forget about the (raw) food world…
I am still making cakes at Veganz, working as a free-lance chef for Kitchensurfing and building up my private chef business that will be launched on my new website Raw Freestyle soon!


Enjoy life and miracles will happen – you just have to open your heart and mind for it!

Love & peace to all of you!


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  1. Mascha-Tatjana

    Wow such a thoughtful post. Appreciate this a lot! And will look out for your classes/recipes etc. pp…Good luck with ALL! (The Veganz Link maybe to be linked again. It´s not linking to the page ;) .

    • Lisa

      Thank you sooo much for your comment! Makes me really happy to hear your words…PS: Thanks for the hint about the veganz page – updated it already ;-)

  2. visit

    Greetings! Very useful advice within this post!
    It’s the little changes that make the most significant changes. Thanks for sharing!

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Why ask?

Eat well, Travel often

This has become my mantra over the last years but more than ever I understand the real importance and connection between these topics:

Eating & Travelling

Obviously I do enjoy and love both of these activities almost equally but more than just pleasure they also mean authenticity and freedom to me.
I started travelling when I was 16 (a stundent exchange program) and continued my journey after finishing highschool and realizing that studying and being stuck at the same place over a longer period of time wouldn’t work for me.
I went on an interrail trip to Scandinavia, moved to Bournemouth, UK for a few months, left the music conservatory and dance-school in Vienna to learn capoeira and afro-brazilian dances & rhythms in Salvador, Bahia and finally ended up in my favorite city – New York!

Since then I have been traveling back and forward every year to enrich my life with new challenges, experiences and emotions and each time I returned a little bit “richer” – maybe not in my pockets but definitely as a whole being.
New York is the ultimate city for me that connects my love and passion for food, dancing and traveling.
Every year I find myself in awe about the diversity of people, cultures, tastes and lifestyles and I can almost travel around the world by simply going to different neighborhoods, eating local foods and learning more about people’s heritage and the reasons for leaving their homeland.
It’s still fascinating for me how you can bring back memories from home just by cooking familiar dishes or smelling spices and herbs that remind you of your (great-/grand) mothers kitchen.
I guess that’s one of the reasons why I called my blog “Home is where the kitchen is” – not only because i feel “home” whenever I have a kitchen available to turn butter and flour into a pie crust but also because I can bring “home” to wherever I am just by cooking and eating familiar foods.

My big journey is booked and I am already excited about sharing some stories here with you!
I am leaving to Hawaii February 11 and I have no clue yet what to do and where to stay.
I definitely want to spend some time in Honolulu to dance, train and jam with the “Soulgasm Hawaii” community, then maybe going to Kauai and do some wwoofing but to be honest, I don’t even want to plan too much!
Just getting a little idea about the opportunities on the island(s) but basically let life decide where it wants me to be.
I am going to meet two friends in LA beginning of March and I am already looking forward checking out Matthew Kenney’s new raw eatery M.A.K.E. in Santa Monica.
Of course there are many more places I want to visit and eat my way through organic farms and high-end restaurants!
Luckily I am traveling with a good friend that knows me and my food fanatism…

We will then road-trip for a week to finally end up in San Franciso and Napa Valley!
I can only imagine how much fun its gonna be!
And then…finally…we will all go back to New York and I will spend the rest of my vacation at “home” in my beloved city!
That’s at least the plan for now.

But to be honest…that was not the real motivation to start this post; just to tell you what I am going to do next year.
I actually wanted to open up about the difficulties I had at the first place, deciding to travel again.
Yep, I know it sounds weird and everybody who knows me will think I am crazy but I really had problems imagining leaving my “comfort zone” here in Berlin for such a long time.
I guess my life has been pretty unstable and sometimes upside-down the past 10 years and as much as I loved and enjoyed travelling and exploring new places, I was also looking for some comfort, stability and routine in my life.
And Berlin has welcomed me with open arms and treated me with respect, integrity but also a lot of freedom to do what I wanted and share who I really was.
I have worked more than ever before in my life yet I still can’t and don’t want to call it “work” as it is pretty much the most of ME I can give.
It’s a state of transparency and authenticity and it gives me the chance to experience real freedom and individuality whilst being part of a wonderful team that supports each other and makes unbelieveable things happen!
All my love goes out to the Veganz-team and my brunch & catering colleagues! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

That being said, it was quite hard for me to let go of the idea that I could lose all of this security and consistency by packing my bags (once again) and leaving for a few weeks to a new destination.
But deep inside me I felt the urge and need to do exactly that.
Get out of my comfort zone, have faith in the unknown and be open for changes.
Ha, when I write this, it sounds so easy and “logical” but if I dig deeper it actually scares the shit out of me.
Nevertheless I just know that it’s gonna be good and important and to be honest – it could be a much worse situation than imagining yourself being in Hawaii, California and New York City for a total of 6 weeks, right?

So what I actually wanted to say is: I really appreciate my home-y home here in Berlin, my fabulous room-mate that became more my friend than just someone I share the apartment with, I am grateful for my work and all the opportunities I have to learn and grow every single day.
I am thankful for the city itself, for the space, the bike lanes and the parks that make me feel refreshed and “green” after a day of concrete jungle.

I know this is just the next chapter in my life, a new challenge and opportunity to see whatelse is out there, to appreciate the stability as much as the chaos and knowing that – no matter what you do or in which situation you are – there is always something else out there that wants to be seen, heard and explored – especially when it scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable at the beginning.
I really believe that these are the moments when we learn most about our fears, dreams, wishes and hopes.
We just have to forget what we think we know and throw ourselves in new and unknown situations to live life to the fullest!

But before I leave, there are a few more exciting things happening here in Europe:


  • 24. – 29.12. – London: Checking out new (raw) eateries: 42° RAW, one of my favorite places Wild Food Cafe and a very special traditional Japanese Restaurant I will tell you more when I am back…and of course dance dance dance at Pineapple Studios
  • 1.12. – My first Kitchensurfing booking on December 1. Check out the profile here
  • 11.12. - Christmas Special: Raw Dessert Workshop at Veganz. For more information and registration click here
  • 16.12. – Brunch at Veganz! For reservations click here
  • 21.12. - Christmas Special: Raw Dessert Workshop in Raasdorf/Austria. Check out the invitation here
  • Beginning 2013: The launch of my official Raw Freestyle page – more infos to come!!!

… and to follow my recipes and food journal please sign up for the newsletter and visit my Raw Freestyle Facebook page!

Here a few examples of my recent creations…ENJOY and CELEBRATE LIFE!!!


Raw crackers with mushroom tapenade

Raw Kaki cake with sesame-almond filling

Pumpkin-Tofu Antipasti with fig glace

Triple Nougat Bites

Raw Kelp noodle Pad Thai

Chocolate-Nougat-Caramel Tart

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  1. Gordon Raphael

    You are such a nice communicator! I am happy to have seen you at Veganz Brunch, and to know you are a free spirit, getting more and more free and spreading the joy of high energy combined with amazing EATING! x

    • Lisa

      Thank you Gordon! I am happy we met and you are enjoying the food at Veganz :-)

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Why ask?



After my two weeks vacation in Austria I am back in Berlin, starting fresh and with a clear vision.

I had a relaxing, exciting and love-nurturing time with my family on the countryside and I couldn’t get enough of picking berries and (6 different kinds of) tomatoes, digging out beets and carrots and getting my daily dose of greens (chard and humongous spinach) straight from the garden.
That’s what I call paradise…

Heirloom Tomatoes

But not only the fresh produce made my heart sing, also the dark mystical forest in front of our house with the freshest air to breath, the recently harvested corn and sunflower fields, the clear blue sky at night with its dancing stars and of course our swimming pond with two frogs that became more like companions than just some kind of water-animals.

But all of this wouldn’t have been so special if there weren’t PEOPLE to share and experience it with.
First of all my wonderful mommy who really is the best mom I can imagine.
My friend, my soul mate, an encourager as much as a questioner but more than that she is a loving and caring human being with an open heart and mind that impresses me every single day.

Although I have to share my mom since 3 years with my little brother from another father and I have to admit that it was not always easy for me I can now say that being the “big sister” is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever made.

Bro & me

I also got the chance to see my dad twice which always proves how “connected” we are even without being geographically close to each other all the time.
We went to an organic farm’s festival with music, food, animals, local produce and a really great community with my mom, Felix and my uncle. I truly love the countryside and its positive (health) benefits for your body, your soul and social aspects like these.
Really got me thinking about living in a city …

Another big reason for my visit was to see my friends again.
I can’t even put into words how important they are in my life and how proud I am to see how much they grew, what they have achieved and how wonderful people they have become.
I see them much too seldom but each time we get together I feel this strong bond that holds us together since many many years.
*Ranja,this is for you: Thank you for your invitation to your beautiful wedding celebration! It was a magical day and I wish you, Josef and your little baby all my love, health and happiness!*
In that sense I want to thank all of my supportive and caring people in Austria who made this trip a real soulful experience with a lot of hugs, kisses, laughters and heart-to-heart conversations.


Annika & me "cleaning up"

I also arranged a “Raw Freestyle” workshop in Vienna which was a great success and some of the best moments throughout my whole stay.
We were 16 people in total and thanks to my friend Annika (“Lebe deine Veränderung” - Beautiful blog and website) we were able to hold the workshop in the hostel she is working at -> Thank you Wombats for your support!!!

So with all the improvisations and last-minute food deliveries (thank you Johanna)we had a fantastic night (un-)cooking, sampling, arranging the dishes and of course also tasting the food.



It was a great mix of close friends, acquaintances, strangers, long ”lost” highschool friends and of course my fabulous mom!
More than I was excited and nervous to “teach” and talk in front of my friends professionally I enjoyed sharing my knowledge, skills and experiences and encourage some really interesting conversations between the course attendants.
I just love the diversity of people coming together, learning something new and being open for different opinions and lifestyles.
It made me realize even more that I am no-way anything like a “raw foodist” aka Rohköstler, Veganer, Moral-Apostel or  “Kerndlfresser” (sorry, no appropriate translation for that (-: )

"Raw Freestyle" Lasagne

All I wanna do (and that’s the “clear vision” I mentioned above) is to make good, honest, nurturing and satisfying food by leaving it in its most natural state (rather “living” than “raw”) without being dogmatic about it (eg. roasting nuts, cooking grains/legumes instead of sprouting, making quiche with butter, cheese and eggs and burning peppers skin to death before peeling and making the sweetest “roasted red pepper hummus” I can dream of)

I just can’t and don’t want to be put into any kind of category – especially with such a diverse and fun topic like food – that is here to be enjoyed and savored instead of analyzed and questioned all the time.

Don’t get me wrong – I AM a health- and nutrition-conscious person and I love to study all different kinds of foreign foods, ingredients and their (positive) effects on the body and mind but by no means I am a “nutritionist”, a “healer” or a “health-food counsellor” that tells people what they should or shouldn’t eat.

I am always happy to share my own experiences I had and have with raw/living (super) foods and give people ideas and inspiration if they want to change something in their diet (diet = Ernährung(sweise),  ≠ Abnehmprogramm) but in the end everyone has to discover his/her own preferences and learn from “mistakes” – or better – unbeneficial decisions.
I guess that’s just what/how life is (-:

But coming back to the workshop…
There will soon be an article about it from the sweet and talented Parvin who has her own blog – Thx4cooking and also writes for the organic/sustainable lifestyle magazine Biorama! You have to check it out! Love her honest and simple way of cooking and writing!
We are already planning and organizing at least 2 more workshops for December (“Raw Christmas Goodies”) and a bigger, more holistic project beginning of January!
I will keep you updated here and on my facebook page “Raw Freestyle”!

Making food for the “Kitchensurfing lunch”

Another new project I am super excited and happy about is the launch of the new Kitchensurfing page and their “Chef fair”end of the month.
I am proud to announce that I will be one of the 12 chefs that will cook and teach a little bit about raw/vegan food for the press and YOU – if you wanna be part of it or become a host you can register here.
I dedicated the menu to my travels and memories of Brazil (Salvador, Bahia) and I am honored to bring some latin flavors on Berlin’s plates.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer as well and your heart got touched by some romantic street musician tunes, mystical rain showers, naked midnight swims in the ocean, magical encounters with strangers or simply a delicious home-cooked meal with family and friends around the table.

HAWAII - My destination for 2013

For more information about workshops, events and press releases visit the following pages:


-> for my Raw Dessert Workshops register here


Raw Freestyle






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  1. Annika

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

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Why ask?

Sweets for my sweets, sugar for my honey…


Each time I am writing a new post I am tempted to start with “OMG it has been far too long since my last one…” but this time I won’t give in the temptation and just start with:


Almost nothing more to say, but what’s the point in writing a blog if a single statement already summarizes the whole content.
I will stick to the topic though as you will notice but i will go much more into detail and I really hope you had your sweet treat already or you will be going nuts fantasizing about desserts all day (and night)…

Anyways, the job needs to get done and I already started telling you about it so there is no way back.
You just have to keep on reading and endure the sweet torture!


Vegan Mousse au chocolat

Last weekend, Rike from No Tiers Vegan Catering and me had our first raw/cooking session at the Markthalle IX in Kreuzberg.
Every Friday and Saturday there is an indoors food market and some Sundays they have special events like the “Handmade Supermarket” or the “Naschmarkt” (Dessert Market) which is always fun to visit and to meet new creative heads and foodies in Berlin.
Rike and me were cooking up some vegan and raw dishes in the open market kitchen all weekend and it was a great experience and a lot of fun (thanks to David and Johanna for your help and support!!!)

Here a few pictures of our creations …

Cherry - Chocolate - Bomb

No Tiers Vegan Catering

Raw zucchini spaghetti with wild herb-hemp seed pesto and pinenut"parmesan" shavings

wrap with soy "gyros", peanut-coconut sauce and fresh mint

So, enough food porn for now.

Continue with some stories…

I taught my second Raw Dessert Workshop at Veganz (the next one will be held August 4th and you can register here) and I am still making cakes and other sweet treats at the Bistro which is now operated by Goodies (try their Quinoa Salad – it’s sooo good!)
I decided to think more outside the box cause I got a little frustrated with the “strict” raw food aspect so I started creating “Raw Freestyle” Desserts (they are labelled as that at Veganz) which is basically a more open-minded approach to preparing my cakes and raw food in general.
For example, I substitute cooked chestnuts for cashews in one of the cakes, I use espresso shots for chocolate frosting, I roast hazelnuts for the nougat, I use home-made waffles for the crust and today I came up with a new cupcake recipe where I included a totally UN-raw but one of my favorite junk food goodies we just got back in the store (don’t even bother reading the ingredients. It’s belgian and far too many nasty things inside)

The One and Only -> Speculoos

You know, I wanna have fun in the kitchen and create delicious and extra-vEgant desserts.
That’s all.
No dogmas or bigotry (I just found this word by accident. Never heard of it before but liked the description. Read what it says here)

Just sweets for my sweets…

Raw Macadamia-Strawberry Cake

Last month, Sonja from “Deutschland is(st) vegan” asked me for an interview and I was more than happy to answer her questions.
You can read the whole article here.
Thank you again, Sonja and Patrick for your support!!!

More exciting news: FM4, the Austrian alternative Radio Channel published a cookbook recently and they chose my “Raw chocolate-chestnut cake” recipe for it (Thank you, Alex for the picture!!!)
I feel so honored to be featured in the cookbook but even more I am happy that raw food finds its way into “mainstream”.

FM4 Cookbook

I also spent 2 weeks in New York in July, visiting friends, going to some fun events (like the 20ies dress up party at Governor’s island – see picture below), taking house dance classes and of course trying new delicious desserts to get some inspirations for my work back in Berlin.

Nougat-Buttercreme Cake from "Blackhound Bakery" (no, this is not vegan)

20ies Party

Klimt cake at Cafe Sabarsky (no, definitely not vegan but oh so delicious)

Legendary. Nothing more to say.

Rebels rule!

Cherries at the Union Square Greenmarket

Matcha Jelly Dessert at Kajitsu

Chinatown fruits

David Wolfe talking about superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and chinese herbs

cutest dog EVER!


So, with this last poster I will say goodnight and thank you everyone for being part of my journey!
I love my work, I love my life and I am grateful for every moment!

Can’t wait to play around in the kitchen again and teach my first dance class after almost 4 years!

Food, Dance, Love and Friends.
Okay, and Dessert.


A few dates to remember:

- Tuesday, July 17

I will be the guest cook at the weekly Family Times event @ Merkezi!
Free raw/vegan food and music! Starts at 7pm.

- Saturday and Sunday, July 21/22

Veganz is celebrating it’s first anniversary! Rike and me will be preparing the brunch on Sunday with a special birthday cake! Get more infos here!

- Sunday, July 29

Brunch at Veganz with Rike. Starts at 10 Uhr.

- Saturday, August 4th

Raw Dessert Workshop from 17-21 Uhr at Extraveganz. Register here

- Saturday, August 18th

“Veganes Sommerfest” at Alexanderplatz! I will have my own dessert booth from Veganz! More details to come…

- Sunday, August 26th

WORLD RAW FOOD DAY: Rawger and me will be preparing an all raw brunch at Veganz! Starts at 10 Uhr.

- Friday, September 7th

Vienna – Raw Food Workshop (for infos and registration please e-mail to raw.berlin@googlemail.com) or join the Facebook Event

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Why ask?

Smoothie Fascination – going wild with superfoods

Bevor ich loslege, noch etwas Werbung in eigener Sache:

Ich unterrichte seit April regelmäßig Rohkost-Workshops im Veganz .
Am 29.Juni findet der nächste Workshop statt – gleich nach meinem New York Aufenthalt – und trägt auch passend dazu den Titel “New York inspirierter Dinner Abend” -> hier geht’s zur Buchung.

Vor allem der neue Dessert Workshop (Folgetermin 6.Juli) liegt mir sehr am Herzen, da ich so gut wie täglich an neuen Rezepten bastle oder “alte” Kreationen überarbeite und verbessere.

Alle weiteren Details zu meinen und anderen tollen veganen/rohköstlichen Workshops findet ihr HIER!

(for english recipes read below)

Ich hab die letzten Wochen vermehrt mit Smoothies und Shakes rumexperimentiert und auch neue Produkte und Zutaten mit in den Mixer geschmissen, sodass einige sehr interessante, teilweise überraschend gute (schwarzer Sesam, Reis und Bohnen Pulver anyone?) aber vor allem wirklich sättigende Mahlzeiten zustande gekommen sind.

Anfangen will ich bei meiner ersten Smoothie-Kreation, die aufgrund von einer ZOTTER Schokoladen Zutatenliste entstanden ist (jaja, Inspirationen findet man echt überall):

Die Schokolade heißt „Gojibeeren in Sesamnougat“ und lag seit Tagen auf meinem Küchentisch rum, nachdem ich sie voller Vorfreude auf die Verkostung bei meinem wöchentlichen Markthalle 9-Einkauf ergattert habe.
An diesem besagten Tag hatte ich es eilig, da meine Familie zu Besuch war und ich mir schnell etwas zur Frühstücksverpflegung mitnehmen wollte.
Nicht viel im Kühlschrank, noch weniger im Magen, griff ich zur nächstbesten Packung in der Lade und zog eine Tüte Sesamsamen heraus.
Great start but what else?
Da kam mir die Schokolade wieder in den Sinn und nachdem ich teils aus Interesse aber auch aus reiner Verzweiflung aufgrund mangelnder Inspiration die Zutatenliste studierte, wiederführ mir…
THE REVELATION (= die Offenbarung)
Neben den Standard-Schokoladenzutaten wie Kakaobutter, Kakaomasse und (Roh-) Rohrzucker gabs da noch Sesam, Gojibeeren, Matcha Pulver und Vanille.
Perfekte Kombination!


Goji-Sesam-Matcha Shake à la ZOTTER (für 1 Person)

Matcha Grüntee Pulver

½ Tasse Gojibeeren (ca. 10 Minuten eingeweicht)
3 EL Sesamsamen
3 Medjool Datteln
1 TL Matcha Pulver
Brise Salz
Messerspitze Vanille (oder das Mark 1 Vanilleschote)
400 ml Wasser

Nach der  Einweichzeit alles im Vitamix zu einem cremigen Shake pürieren.

Ich konnte es ja gar nicht mehr erwarten bis zum offiziellen Smoothie Frühstück und hab gleich mal nen riesen Schluck genommen. Alles andere wurde vorbildlich in meine „Emil“-Glasflasche abgefüllt und auf gings zum Familientreffen.
Tag gerettet. Schoko sei Dank.


Meine 2. Neuentdeckung dieses Jahres war nicht nur der neue deutsche Versand der englischen Firma Raw-Living, sondern auch deren Morning Jing Superfood-Blend (gibt’s auch als Super Morning Jing).
Hier die (doch etwas außergewöhnlichen) Zutaten:
black bean, black sesame, black rice, maca, ho sho wu, bee pollen, cactus honey granules
Ich weiß gar nicht, was ich dazu noch sagen soll, außer:


Muss man einfach probiert haben, da ich den Geschmack mit echt nichts Vertrautem vergleichen kann.
Ich misch mir das Pulver am liebsten in selbst gemachte Paranuss- oder Erdmandel Milch oder wenn’s schnell gehen soll in (gekaufte) Hafer- oder Dinkelmilch.

Schwarzer „Morning Jing“ Shake (für 1 Person)

400 ml Nuss- oder Getreidemilch
1 Medjool Dattel
3-5 Tropfen Stevia (oder noch eine Dattel dazu)
2 EL Morning Jing
Messerspitze Vanille
Brise Salz

Alle Zutaten im Vitamix zu einem Shake mixen!


Mein letztes Smoothie Rezept für heute hab ich gestern nach meinem Morgen-Lauf entwickelt und speziell an meine (nach-dem-Sport) Bedürfnisse angepasst.
Auch dafür hab ich ein super geniales Produkt von Raw-living integriert, wobei das auch einfach durch „normales“ Hanfprotein (z.B. von Govinda oder Läufer) ersetzt werden kann.
Wer will, kann grünes Pulver (Chorella, Spirulina, E3AFA,Weizengras etc) in kleinen Mengen hinzufügen.
Das i-Tüpfelchen sind aber eindeutig die Bee Pollen, die ich im Moment gerne großzügig über Salate, Yoghurt und Smoothis streue.

Ein kleiner Auszug zu der (Heil-) Wirkung von Blütenpollen:

“Blütenpollen sind die reichste Quelle an natürlichen Vitaminen, Mineralien, Proteinen und Aminosäuren, Enzymen und Co-enzymen. Sie enthalten natürliches Antibiotikum, Antihistamin und wichtige Antioxidationseigenschaften. Diese Nahrungsbestandteile werden vom menschlichen Körper zur Aufrechterhaltung des Immunsystems und der allgemeinen Gesundheit benötigt. Nirgendwo sonst ist die Konzentration und die Vielfalt so groß wie in den Bienenblütenpollen. Durch das tägliche Einnehmen von Bienennahrung wird der menschliche Körper gut mitallen wesentlichen Nahrungsanteilen ernährt und versorgt.”

Normalerweise hab ich immer etwas gefrorenes Obst im TK-Fach.
Dafür einfach sehr reife Bananen in mundgerechte Stücke schneiden und in einer Plastiktüte einfrieren.
Das gleiche hab ich vor Tagen mit einer fast schon überreifen Mango gemacht, die ich unbedingt verwerten musste, nachdem ich sie tagelang ignoriert und missachtet hatte.
Sonst gab der Kühlschrank auch nicht wirklich viel her – es war Sonntag und dazu noch Karneval der Kulturen Umzug direkt vor meiner Haustür, also weit und breit keine Nahrungsquelle außer eisgekühltes Bier und dampfende Bratwürste. Yumm :-/

Nachdem ich also verschwitzt und hungrig von meinem Morgen-Lauf zurückgekehrt bin, brauchte ich unbedingt etwas Magenfüllendes aber trotzdem Leichtes, um das angenehme Gefühl der sportlichen Betätigung etwas länger beizubehalten.
Perfekt dafür ist der

Post-workout-Summer Smoothie mit Blüten Pollen

Smoothie with bee pollen

400 ml Wasser
1 Tasse gefrorene Mango (oder Banane)
3 EL geschälte Hanfsamen
1 EL Hanfprotein Pulver ODER
1.5 EL „Out of the woods“ Protein Blend
5 Tropfen Stevia
halbe Limette
1 EL Bienen-Blüten pollen
Brise Salz

So, das wars jetzt mal von meiner Seite.
Ich werde nächste Woche nach New York fliegen und dort u.a. einen 2 Tages Workshop mit David Wolfe machen, neue Produkte testen, mich durch den kulinarische Großstadtjungle fressen und euch dann natürlich auch von meinen Erfahrungen berichten!

Bis dahin – stay tuned and let me know how you liked the Smoothies!



English Recipes

Goji-Sesame-Matcha Shake ala ZOTTER (serves 1)

½ cup Goji berries (soak for about 10 minutes)
3 Tbsp sesame seeds
3 Medjool dates
1 tsp Matcha Powder
pinch of Salz
Mark of 1 Vanilla pod
400 ml water

After soaking time blend everything together (with the soaking water) in a high-speed blender.


Black Morning Jing Shake (serves 1)

400 ml Nut- or grain milk
1 Medjool Dattel
3-5 Tropfen Stevia (or another date)
2 EL Morning Jing
Brise Salz
Messerspitze Vanille

Blend everything in a high speed blender!


Post-workout Smoothie with bee pollen (serves 1)

500 ml water
1 cup frozen Mango (or banana)
3 Tbsp shelled hemp seeds
1 Tbsp Hemp protein powder OR
2 Tbsp „Out of the woods“ Protein Blend
5 drops Stevia
1 Tbsp Bee Pollen
half a lime
pinch of salt

Blend everything in a high speed blender until creamy!

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2 Responses to Smoothie Fascination – going wild with superfoods

  1. Ramsey

    Great idea with the Zotter recipe!
    I love the sesame goji berry bar!
    You have a new fan.

    • Lisa

      Thank you and sorry for the late reply…I have been absent for a while but i am back again :-)

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Why ask?

Review and recipe – Rückblick und Rezept

(for the English version see below)

Wie vielleicht viele von euch wissen, hab ich vor einigen Monaten eine “Raw Freestyle” Seite auf Facebook gegründet, wo ich Rezepte poste, die sich nicht immer auf eine roh-vegane Ernährung beziehen, sondern eine Balance von gekochten, vegetarischen aber natürlich auch vielen rohen Gerichten schaffen sollen – “free-style” eben.

Ich hab bis jetzt großteils die Rezepte auf englisch veröffentlicht, um meine nicht-deutsch-sprachigen Freunde und Leser von damals miteinzubeziehen, da ich ja ursprünglich den blog letztes Jahr in New York begonnen und natürlich ausschließlich in englisch geposted hab. Bevor ich aber jetzt weiterhin sowohl meinen Blog als auch meine facebook Seite auf englisch weiterführe, wollte ich einfach mal wissen, WER denn gerade so meinen blog liest und ob es sich mehr um deutsch- oder englisch-sprachige Leser handelt.

Ich schreibe und rede zwar nach wie vor gerne (lieber?) englisch, aber jetzt wohn ich halt in Berlin und viele meiner Freunde, Bekannten, Kunden und Interessenten sind Deutsche bzw. Österreicher (falls Schweizer auch dabei sind dann bitte gleich unten vorstellen – kenn nämlich (noch) niemanden persönlich (-:

Wenn also Interesse besteht, und die Mehrzahl der Leser gern auch deutsche Einträge hätte, dann wird sich die Lisa eben zusammenreißen und in ihrer Muttersprache schreiben.

Bitte gebt mir (unten) kurz feedback – der Blog wird in Zukunft auch wieder Reiseberichte, Restaurantkritiken und natürlich Rezepte beinhalten!

Und ums nicht allzu spannend zu machen, hier auch gleich die deutsche Version der so-gut-wie rohen “Ferrero Rocher” Torte – die es ab morgen im Veganz zu kaufen gibt!

Apropos: Der nächster “Raw Freestyle” Rohkost Dessert Workshop findet am 25.5. im Veganz statt!
Hier geht’s zur Info und Buchung!

"Ferrero Rocher" Torte

Rohe “Ferrero Rocher” Torte

    Zutaten für 14-16 Stück, Durchmesser 26 cm



  • 200g (geröstete oder rohe) Haselnüsse
  • 150g Kakaonibs
  • 200g Medjool Datteln
  • 2 EL Kokosblütennektar (z.b. von Dr. Goerg)
  • Salz


  • 100g Cashews (eingweicht)
  • 160g (rohes) Haselnussmus – ich persönlich bevorzuge geröstetes Haselnussmus, da es aromatischer ist und das typische Nougat-Aroma besitzt
  • 100g Ahornsirup
  • 140g Xylit
  • 30g Kokosblütennektar oder Yakon Sirup
  • 140ml frische Haselnuss- oder Mandelmilch
  • 60g Irish Moss Paste (optional)
  • 60g Kakaopulver
  • 120g Kakaobutter (geschmolzen)*
  • 50g Kokosöl (geschmolzen)*
  • 1.5 EL Vanille Extrakt oder 1 EL Vanillepulver
  • 1 EL Sonnenblumen lecithin (optional)
  • Salz

* Anleitung dazu findest du hier


  • 80g Haselnüsse
  • 50g Kakaonibs
  • 2 EL Xylit
  • Brise Salz


Für den Boden:

  • Haselnüsse mit den Kakaonibs und dem Salz in einer Küchenmaschine zu groben Mehl verarbeiten
  • Datteln und Kokosblütennektar hinzufügen und so lange mixen, bis sich die Nüsse gut mit den restlichen Zutaten verbunden haben
  • In eine mit Backpapier ausgelegte Form pressen und kalt stellen
  • Für die Fülle

    • Die eingeweichten Cashews gut abspülen u gemeinsam mit den restlichen Zutaten – bis auf  das Kokosöl und der Kakaobutter – zu einer cremigen Masse pürieren (funktioniert am besten im Vitamix oder in jedem anderen Hochleistungsmixer; in einer Küchenmaschine ist es auch möglich – es wird aber eventuell nicht so fein und cremig)
    • Das flüssige Kokosöl und die Kakaobutter zum Schluss hinzufügen und nochmal mixen
    • Die Fülle in die Tortenform gießen und im Tiefkühlfach einige Stunden einfrieren

    Für das Topping

    • Alle Zutaten in einer Küchenmaschine grob hacken und vorm Servieren über die Torte streuen

    Die Torte ist ca. 5 Tage gekühlt haltbar oder bis zu einem Monat im Tiefkühlfach.


    Ich hoffe, Ihr habt genauso viel Spaß beim Nachmachen wie ich beim kreieren.
    Freu mich auf Euer feedback!!!


    "Ferrero Rocher" Cake

    Hello my fellow English readers!

    Before I start with my review I am giving you a finger-lickin’ nougat-y chocolate cake recipe to make sure I get your full attention!
    You can also follow my recipe updates on my “Raw Freestyle” page!

    I finally finished perfecting my “Ferrero Rocher” Cake yesterday and I am ready to share the recipe with you. It’s mostly raw, except the (roasted) hazelnut butter I use, which gives an aromatic and the typical nougat-y flavor and smell but you can substitute raw hazelnut butter or use any other raw nut butter instead!


    • 200g (roasted) Hazelnuts
    • 150g Cacao nibs
    • 200g Medjool dates
    • 2 Tbsp Coconut nectar
    • Salt


    • 100g Cashews (soaked)
    • 160g (roasted or raw) hazelnut butter
    • 100g Maple syrup
    • 140g Xylitol
    • 30g Coconut nectar or yacon syrup
    • 140ml fresh hazelnut- or almond milk
    • 60g Irish Moss (opt)
    • 60g Cacao powder
    • 120g Cacao butter (melted)
    • 50g Coconut oil (melted)
    • 1.5 Tbsp Vanilla extract
    • 1 Tbsp Sunflower lecithin (opt)
    • Salt


    • 80g Hazelnuts
    • 50g Cacao nibs
    • 2 Tbsp Xylitol
    • Pinch of salt


    To make the crust:

    • In a food processor mix the nuts, salt and cacao nibs to a chunky flour
    • Add dates and coconut nectar and mix until the dough is sticky enough to press into a cake form
    • Freeze while you make the filling

    For the filling:

    • Combine all the ingredients in a high speed blender (e.g. Vitamix) and blend until smooth and creamy
    • Add the liquid coconut oil and cacao butter and blend again
    • Pour over crust and refrigerate at least 3 hours

    For the topping:

    Mix all the ingredients in a food processor until chunky and sprinkle on top of the cake just before serving


    So…to get back to the topic!
    I wanted to give you a little review about what has happened the last weeks cause there were some important occasions that changed me from the in-and outside.
    First of all, I want to thank everybody who reads my blog and follows my updates on Facebook!
    I am overwhelmed with the response and support from everyone.
    I still love what I do – producing mostly raw cakes while also creating recipes for the new bistro take-out section at Veganz (now operated by Goodies)

    But even if you really really love something…it can still be too much …and you end up exhausted, unbalanced and worn-out.
    That’s what happened to me.
    I wanted to be part of every amazing opportunity I got to create or contribute something I truly love and enjoy doing.
    But I also forgot that there is also a ME.
    A soul, that wants to be heard, seen or actually just be perceived and loved. Without any feedback from the outside.
    And this is really hard, I am telling you.
    You get so attached to the person you are sharing with the world outside that somehow YOU get lost and you almost don’t recognize yourself anymore.
    Well, this is not really true in my case, as I was aware that something was “off” but I guess I was too afraid to change or give something up in order to “be me” again.
    Once you open your heart…well, its open…and you either pray and hope that nobody is hurting you or you just start running away from the fear that you might be hurt some day. OR…and I guess that’s the only way that really works long-term: you can simply trust. And relax. And just go with the flow and enjoy the dynamic of life.
    I guess that’s when my accident stepped in.
    And the glass of water I poured over my macbook. And killed it forever.
    And the eczema I had on and off since christmas.
    All these little “signs” that just wanted to say “STOP, Lisa! Just breathe and calm down. You can not lose anything that doesn’t really belong to you anyways. Just give up some of the control and let life happen…”
    Okay, I got that part now.
    I had a really great time with my friend from Austria and my family visiting for my birthday weekend.

    I actually do have everything I need. And so much more!

    Thank you Berliners and friends at home for participating, listening, supporting, encouraging and just being HERE.

    Happy to be back writing and can’t wait to share more with you!
    Love from Berlin!



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    8 Responses to Review and recipe – Rückblick und Rezept

    1. peggy

      Liebe Lisa,
      ich würde mich freuen, deine Rezepte und Berichte auch in Deutsch lesen zu können.
      LG Peggy

      • Lisa

        Danke Peggy!
        Ich freu mich über deinen Kommentar!
        Ich werde in Zukunft auch in deutsch posten!

        Liebe Grüße

    2. Elvira Scholz

      Liebe Lisa,

      freue mich auch von dir in deutsch zu lesen! Danke und herzliche Grüße Elvira

      • Lisa

        Danke für die liebe Nachricht, Elvira!
        Den nächsten Eintrag wird es auch in deutsch geben!

        Liebe Grüße

    3. Biggi

      Hallo Lisa,

      die Avocado-Limetten Torte sieht ja klasse aus, vielen Dank für das Rezept! Ich mag Xylit nicht und würde gerne wissen, ob ich das einfach durch Ahornsirup, Honig o.ä. ersetzen kann?

      Danke und liebe Grüße

      • Lisa

        Hallo Biggi!

        Danke für deine Nachricht!
        Du kannst das Xylit natürlich durch Honig oder Ahornsirup ersetzen, würde aber etwas weniger von der Gesamtmenge an Süßungsmittel nehmen!
        Kannst auch ein paar Tropfen Stevia hinzufügen, dann sparst du an Zucker, hast aber trotzdem ne süße Note (Achtung – nicht zu viel Stevia verwenden, sonst wird’s bitter)
        Viel Spaß beim Zubereiten!

        Lg, Lisa

    4. Cornelia

      Liebe Lisa, ich möchte auch gern deutsche Rezepte von der künstlerin:-) ich hoffe du hast mal ein Rezept für chia Hanf Kräcker:-) lieben dank Conny

    5. restaurant wiesbaden

      Das Rezept klingt sehr lecker und scheint mir genau das richtige Dessert für die bevorstehende Hitze am Wochenende zu sein. Ich bin gespannt wie es schmecken wird. :)

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    Why ask?


    Wie versprochen gibt es hier und jetzt die Rezepte zu den Torten von der Rohvolution!
    (Vielen Dank für den tollen Review und das Foto von Herzensfroh!)
    Ich quatsch auch gar nicht lang herum, sondern rück am besten gleich raus mit der Sprache:

    Rohvolution 2012

    Avocado-Limetten Torte

      Zutaten für 14-16 Stück, Durchmesser 26 cm


  • 250 g Cashews
  • 100 g Kokosraspel
  • 200 g Datteln (vorzugsweise Medjool)
  • 1 EL Kokosöl (flüssig)*
  • Salz
  • Fülle:

    • 200 g Cashews (eingeweicht, mind. 8 Stunden – am besten über Nacht)
    • 3 große oder 4 kleine Avocados
    • 150 g Agavendicksaft oder Ahornsirup
    • 100 g Xylit
    • 200 ml Limettensaft und Abrieb
    • 150 g Kokosöl (flüssig)*
    • Salz


    Für den Boden

    1. Cashews in einer Küchenmaschine zu groben Mehl verarbeiten
    2. Kokosflocken und Salz dazu und nochmal kurz mixen
    3. Datteln und Kokosöl hinzufügen und so lange mixen, bis sich die Nüsse gut mit den restlichen Zutaten verbunden haben
    4. In eine mit Backpapier ausgelegte Form pressen und kalt stellen

    Für die Fülle

    1. Die eingeweichten Cashews gut abspülen u gemeinsam mit den restlichen Zutaten – bis auf  das Kokosöl – zu einer cremigen Masse pürieren (funktioniert am besten im Vitamix oder in jedem anderen Hochleistungsmixer; in einer Küchenmaschine ist es auch möglich – es wird aber eventuell nicht so fein und cremig)
    2. Das Kokosöl zum Schluss hinzufügen und erneut mixen
    3. Die Fülle in die Tortenform gießen und im Tiefkühlfach einige Stunden einfrieren

    Die Torte ist ca. 5 Tage gekühlt haltbar oder bis zu einem Monat im Tiefkühlfach.
    Am besten schmeckt die Torte als “semifreddo” (halb-gefroren)!


    Schoko-Kastanien Torte

    Zutaten für 14-16 Stück, Durchmesser 26 cm


    * 250 g Haselnüsse
    * 200 g Datteln (vorzugsweise Medjool)
    * 40 g Kakaonibs
    * 30 g Kakaopulver
    * Salz, Vanille


    * 200 g Cashews (eingeweicht, mind. 8 Stunden – am besten über Nacht)
    * 150 g Agavendicksaft, Ahornsirup oder Kokosblütennektar (z.B. von Dr. Goerg)
    * 70 g Kastanienmehl
    * 30 g Kakaopulver
    * 80 g Mandelmus
    * 100 ml Nussmilch oder Wasser
    * 150 g Kakaobutter oder Kokosöl (flüssig)*
    * Salz, Vanille


    * 70 g Kakaobutter oder Kokosöl (flüssig)*
    * 60 g Kakaopulver
    * 50 g Agavendicksaft, Ahornsirup oder Kokosblütennektar
    * optional: 1 Espresso-shot oder 1 EL Instant – Kaffeepulver (nicht roh)


    Für den Boden

    1. Haselnüsse in einer Küchenmaschine zu groben Mehl verarbeiten
    2. Kakaonibs, Kakaopulver, Salz und Vanille hinzufügen und nochmal kurz mixen
    3. Die Datteln hinzufügen und so lange mixen, bis sich die Nüsse gut mit den restlichen Zutaten verbunden haben
    4. In eine mit Backpapier ausgelegte Form pressen und kalt stellen

    Für die Fülle

    1. Die eingeweichten Cashews gut abspülen u gemeinsam mit den restlichen Zutaten – bis auf die Kakaobutter/das Kokosöl – zu einer cremigen Masse pürieren
    2. Die flüssige Kakaobutter/das Kokosöl zum Schluss hinzufügen und erneut pürieren
    3. Die Fülle in die Tortenform gießen und entweder im Tiefkühlfach oder im Kühlschrank kaltstellen

    Für die Glasur

    1. Alle Zutaten gemeinsam pürieren (oder mit einem Schneebesen verrühren) und über die Torte gießen
    2. Kalt stellen

    Die Torte ist ca. 5 Tage gekühlt haltbar (wenn man es so lange mit einer Schokotorte im Kühlschrank aushält) oder bis zu einem Monat im Tiefkühlfach.


    *Wie bekomme ich Kokosöl/Kakaobutter flüssig?

    Da ja in der Rohkost – Küche nichts über 42°C erhitzt wird, muss man entweder auf bestimmte Geräte zurückgreifen oder einfach etwas vorsichtiger an die Sache rangehen.
    Für die eingeschweißten Rohköstler ist ein “Dörrgerät” (wie z.B. der Excalibur oder Sedona) nichts Neues aber es kann auch in der herkömmlichen Küche sehr vielseitig und kreativ verwendet werden (Wraps, Burger, Falafel, Pizza, Cracker…)
    Wenn also eines dieser Geräte vorhanden ist, erwärmt man die gewünschte Menge Öl/Butter einfach für ca. eine halbe Stunde in einer kleinen Schüssel bei 42°C.

    Eine andere Möglichkeit ist es, über Wasserbad (bain marie) das Kokosöl oder die Kakaobutter (fein gerieben) zu schmelzen.
    Hierfür bringt man etwas Wasser in einem kleinen Topf zum Kochen. Den Herd entweder ausschalten oder auf die kleinste Stufe zurückdrehen und das gewünschte Fett in einer passenden, hitzebeständigen Schüssel (darf das Wasser nicht berühren) solange rühren, bis das Öl flüssig ist. Sollte nicht länger als einige Minuten dauern und auch die gewünschte Temperatur nicht überschreiten.

    Die Kakaonibs, das Kakaopulver und die Kakaobutter beziehe ich von Big Tree Farms, für die Kokosprodukte  kann ich Kulau und Dr Georg empfehlen; das Kastanienmehl gibts bei Govinda, in gut sortierten Bioläden und für alle, die in Berlin wohnen -> Das Veganz hat alle Zutaten im Sortiment!
    Alle Produkte können aber auch entweder bei Keimling oder PureRaw bestellt werden

    … und wer zu faul zum Nachmachen ist, der kommt einfach ins Veganz oder Lebensfroh in Berlin und holt sich dort ein Stück (-:

    Dieses, und viele weitere roh/vegane Rezepte, Produkte und Reviews gibts auch auf der Style me vegan Seite nachzulesen, für die ich regelmäßig als Gast poste.

    Ihr könnt auch meiner Raw Freestyle Facebook Seite beitreten, die regelmäßig(er) mit Rezepten upgedated wird.

    Am 5. April gibts auch meinen ersten Rohkost-Kochkurs im Veganz.
    Mehr Infos dazu findest du hier.

    Zum Schluss noch eine tolle Nachricht, die ich – nicht nur für mich, sondern generell for the “raw food movement”  sehr wichtig und erfreulich  finde:

    >> Meine Schoko-Kastanien Torte wurde vom österreichischen Musiksender FM4 bei einem Rezeptwettbewerb unter 500 Einsendungen ausgewählt und wird inklusive Foto im dazugehörigen Rezeptbuch veröffentlicht! Yippieeeee <<


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    4 Responses to Rezepte

    1. Brit

      Nachdem ich nur noch die Schoko-Kastanien-Torte auf der ROHvolution in Berlin probieren konnte -mmmhhh-(weil die Limetten-Torte bereits Samstagnachmittag ausverkauft war :) , habe ich die Avocado-Limetten-Torte zum ersten Mal zu Ostern selbst zubereitet. Beim ersten Probieren der Creme bei der Zubereitung schon der Hammer, man könnte meinen, ich hätte einen O….. “erlitten”, soooooooo geil !!!!! Also, unbedingt mal nachmachen :) )) Danke, liebe Lisa, für dieses wunderbare Rezept *love it*

      • Lisa

        Danke für das liebe feedback, Brit!
        Freut mich, dass dir die Torte so gut geschmeckt hat :-)
        Bald kommen wieder mehr Sommer-Rezepte und ein paar Schokolade-Specials!

        Liebe Grüße

    2. Ina

      Bei der Veganzeröffnung in Berlin gab es die Avocado-Limetten Torte und seit dem wird es die mindestens ein Mal die Woche bei uns geben! Lieben Dank für das Rezept liebe Lisa! xx

      • Lisa

        Vielen Dank für den lieben Kommentar! Freut mich, dass die Torte (noch immer) schmeckt :-)

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    Why ask?

    ROHvolution 2012

    Erstmals vielen, vielen Dank an alle, die bei uns am Stand von Veganz auf der Rohvolution vorbeigeschaut und eingekauft bzw Torte gegessen haben!
    Obwohl es ein langer und anstrengender Tag war (es mussten nochmal 200 Stück Kuchen bis Mitternacht produziert werden -> DANKE an meinen lieben Freund Tristan, der sich mit mir in den Schoko-Limetten Wahnsinn gestürzt hat), war es einer der schönsten, aufregendsten und erfüllendsten Tage meines Lebens.
    Quasi die Belohnung für all die Stunden, Tage, Wochen und Monate in der Küche Produkte testen und Rezepte entwickeln (okay, ich gebs zu, es gibt nen schlimmeren Job und ja, ich hab auch das eine oder andere Mal die Rührschüssel ausgeschleckt).
    Aber genau deswegen bin ich stolz auf mich und glücklich, mit euch allen diese Erfahrung zu teilen!

    Es gab wahnsinnig gutes feedback und vor allem große Nachfrage nach den Rezepten der Avocado-Limetten und der Schoko-Kastanien Torte (englisches Rezept findest du hier).

    Ich habe nun – vor allem für alle nicht-englisch sprachigen Interessenten – entschieden, Anfang nächster Woche beide Rezepte in deutscher Sprache zu veröffentlichen!
    Es wird auch kleine Tipps und Tricks geben, für diejenigen, die nicht so nah an der “Quelle” sitzen und viele Zutaten im Bio-Laden des Vertrauens (noch) nicht vorhanden sind.
    Mir ist es wichtig, dass jeder Zugang zur Rohkost und vor allem Spaß am experimentieren hat!

    Also, ab nächster Woche gibts dann beide Rezpte hier und noch 2 großartige Neuigkeiten, die ich mit euch allen teilen will!
    So stay tuned and enjoy every moment of your life!

    Eure Lisa


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    Why ask?

    30-day challange

    Welcome to the 30-day-raw freestyle-challange!

    It’s the first time I am doing this and I feel honoured and excited to be able to “guide” someone through a month of almost raw-wholesome-foods.

    The person I am talking about is Reinhard from Vienna.
    He is a Bikram yoga instructor, a NLP coach and a mental trainer -> Wandlung

    We met last New Year’s Eve at my friend’s house on the countryside in Austria and exchanged interesting topics about health, food and exercise.
    I told him about my life and work here in Berlin as a raw food chef and how it transformed my life almost a year ago and how i am still excited about trying out new foods and discovering different approaches to life and holistic health.
    He was interested in changing something in his diet, too so he trusted my knowledge and skills to create a food plan for him.
    After he filled out my questionnaire with enough details and information about his overall health, energy-level, sleep, digestion and intentions – I started working on a food plan that focuses on mostly plant-based, raw and unprocessed foods, low in sugar and simple carbohydrates, adding more proteins (he practises sports about 15h per week) and still “allow” whole-wheat/spelt or gluten-free bread and “fun meals” with friends.
    I don’t want to create food plans that are only healthy and nourishing without being fun and easy to integrate in your social life.
    Also, I asked if his interest was in a “quick-fix diet” or if he wants to change his eating habits long-term.
    I am happy that he has the intention to change things fundamentally and be open to try out new foods and eating habits.
    He was also determined to really cut out everything I suggested – especially sugar and coffee.
    That’s the kind of client I like to work with…
    Which leads me to a post I have seen on facebook  recently ->

    (“Ask the sick person first if he/she is willing to give up everything that made him/her sick. Only then you are allowed to help and heal.” Sokrates)

    And although I am neither a doctor nor a professional health-counselor, I do think its important to be clear about the expectations from the client and why he is interested in changing something in his/her life (through diet, exercise, meditation…)

    That really is the question: What do we want out of life?

    One answer I found for myself is, that I want to be, live and express my full potentinal. Every day. (More or less)

    But everyone’s answer is different, and every answer has it’s own significance and truth to it.
    There is no need for judgement or indoctrination.
    Simply be clear what you want out of your life and your eating/drinking habits, your physical activity, your spiritual journey and the internal emotional work will change accordingly. There is almost no way around it.

    So, enough about me and my insights!
    Let’s look at Reinhard’s old eating habits, my new food plan and his reviews from the last days…

    First of all, his main concern was SUGAR.
    He was aware of the fact that he is already consuming too much sweets but still craving cakes and cookies on a daily basis.
    When I received the filled-out questionnaire where he documented eating habits and daily meals, I could see why.
    The morning starts with two coffees and two white bread rolls with butter.
    For lunch it’s more a snacking as he doesn’t really feel hungy, afternoon is cake-time and dinner usually a chinese take-out or (white) pasta with pesto.
    Because he is doing a lot of sports and bikram yoga, he doesn’t really have weight problems but he still mentioned an interest in losing a few pounds and tone his body to prepare him for a model job in April.

    Also the fact that he feels very tired in the afternoon (that’s when the cake comes in) but then crashes again because of the sugar spike, made him realize that this is not his full potential of health and energy.

    So the first thing I changed was, of course – breakfast.
    Actually, a pre-breakfast.

    - a cup of hot lemon water (helps to detoxify the liver)

    … and only when he really feels hungry, the actual nourishment starts with a

    Green Smoothie
    400 ml nutmilk or (coconut) water
    1 large banana
    a handful of spinach, arugula, parsley and/or lettuce
    piece of cucumber

    That should keep him going for at least 2,3 hours.
    Whenever he feels hungry, I recommended eating a few nuts and fruits.

    For lunch a whole-wheat sandwich with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, hummus, sprouts…anything that is colourful and nutritious with enough protein and fat to keep him full (but not stuffed) so he can use his energy for work.

    For the critical time in the afteroon where he usually craves cakes and sweets I suggested dates (preferably no fresh fruits straight after lunch to avoid bloating!) with some almond- or cashewbutter.
    It’s incredible how satisfying it can be if enjoyed in moderation and the sugar cravings are almost gone.

    But also a protein-rich hemp drink can do wonders if he needs a pre-workout snack to keep him going for the training.

    Dinner time:
    cooked quinoa, millet or amaranth
    lightly steamed veggies or a big green salad with mixed vegetables
    + goats or sheep’s cheese
    egg omelett
    (smoked) tofu
    falafel balls

    My main focus was on organic, seasonal and raw fruits and vegetables without major restrictions except

    - no sugar or sweeteners (agave, maple syrup, honey etc)
    - no white carbs (rice, pasta, bread)
    - no cow milk products
    - no coffee
    - no take-outs (usually contain glutamate)

    But I didn’t want to eliminate all cooked foods or animal products as I think its still important to find out for yourself what kind of food you enjoy to eat and what works best for you.

    So here is Reinhard’s review of the last days on the new Raw Freestyle food plan: (sorry it’s all in German!)

    Samstag 10.März 2012

    Frühstück: 1/3 Salatgurke, 1 Kiwi, Bananen-Spinat Smoothie mit Wasser, gesüßt mit Agavensirup (hab das natürlich gleich von der Liste gestrichen…hihi)
    Mittags: 1 Glas Wasser mit ausgespresster Zitrone, Omelett mit Broccoli, Tomaten, Rucola, und
    auch 2 Eier und ein bisschen Schinken(um die alten Vorräte aufzubrauchen)
    Nachmittags: 10 Stk von diesen Datteln, eine handvolle Mandeln, Rice-cracker mit Meersalz, etwas Mandelmus mit 1/2 Banane, (ich koste mich durch)
    Abends: 200 ml Mandelmilch, Vollkorndinkelbrot mit Butter, Käse und etwas Schinken (wieder um die alten Vorräte aufzubrauchen) und 2 Karotten und 1/2 Gurke und zum Abschluß Mandelmus mit Bananen aus dem Mixer (juhuuu)

    über den Tag verteilt ca 2 liter Wasser und soweit ich das beobachtet habe, war da kein Zucker, Kekse, Kuchen, Weissbrot, Semmeln, Nudeln, Kartoffeln, und vor allem kein Kaffee!! ( Da bin ich ganz stolz auf mich)
    Ich fühle mich ganz gut und mir fehlt körperlich im Moment nichts. Glaube aber es fehlen die Proteine.

    Sonntag 11.März 2012

    Frühstück: Zitrone mit heißem Wasser, 1/3 Gurke, kleine Karotte, 1 Shake mit Rucola, Banane, Agavensirup(fast leer), Mandelmilch und Wasser
    Vormittags: 5 Datteln, einige Mandeln, 1 Kiwi, 1x Kokosnusssaft
    Mittags: Hirse mit Karotte und kohlrabi gekocht, mit Mandelmus und Mandelöl
    Abends: 1 Glas Milch, Banane, 2 Stk Dinkelvollkornbrot mit Butter

    über den tag verteilt 2 Liter Wasser, Agavensirup fast leer, werde bei den mandeln und Datteln als Snack bleiben.

    Ab morgen wirds spannend, weil da geh ich arbeiten. Wir werden sehen wie ich mich da fühle. Heute war ich im Yoga und habe ganz klar gespürt wie mein Körper leistungsfähiger geworden ist, schon nach einem Tag ohne Zucker, unglaublich!! Extrem gut spürt sich das heiße Zitronenwasser in der Früh an. Etwas mehr grünes Gemüse wäre glaube ich ganz gut.

    Montag 12.März 2012

    Frühstück: Zitronenwasser(wie immer des wird jetzt standard), 1 Karotte, 2 Bananen
    Vormittag: 1 Banane, handvoll Mandeln
    Mittags: Hirse mit Karotten und Kolrabi, Mandelöl und mandelmus
    Abends: 2 Eier mit 1 Knödel, 10 kleine cocktailtomaten, 2 Stk Dinkelvollkornbrot mit Butter

    Dienstag 13.3..2012

    Frühstück: Zitronenwasser, Smoothie mit Bananen, Rucola, Mandelmilch, Wasser, Mandelmuss
    Vormittag: Linsen und Bohnen, kleine Paprika, Maiskeimöl, Essig, 150 Gramm Mandeln (zuviel, vielzuviel)
    und 5 datteln
    Abends: Karfiol mit Karotten, Rucola, Mandelmus und mandelöl (esse ich nie wieder, hatte den
    ganzen mittwoch dann bauchweh und extremfurzerei), Stück brot mit Butter, 10 Cocktailtomaten

    Mittwoch 14.3.2012
    Frühstück: Zitronenwasser
    Vormittag: 3 Bananen, 1 Gurke,
    Mittags: 3 Vollkornbrote mit Butter
    Nachmittag: 1 Apfel, ein paar Nüsse, Kokosmilch
    Abends: 2 Vollkornbrote mit Butter, etwas Apfelmus, ein paar Nüsse

    Hatte den ganzen tag Bauchweh wegen dem Karfiol gestern, oder sind die Nüsse zuviel?
    War aber in einem Double Bikram heute und mein Körper ist wirklich viel besser in Form seit Samstag. Jetzt wirds mal Zeit Matcha und ein paar andere Sachen auszuprobieren. Das beginnt am Freitag.


    I am so proud of you, Reinhard!
    You have my full support!

    To be continued…

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    1. Andreas

      Go for it Reinhard! Great Post, Lisa!

      Very inpiring!

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    Why ask?

    Raw Chocolate-Chestnut Cake with Ganache Frosting

    Raw Berlin

    Hello 2012!


    Back in Berlin, back at work, back blogging.

    I have been away a few times the last month and I can only look back with joy and sweet memories!
    Christmas time I celebrated with my family in Austria, New Years Eve with my best friends and some new lovely people in my friend’s backyard sauna.
    I am telling you…that’s the way to make new friends!
    We cooked, talked, laughed, played, read tarot cards to each other and welcomed the new year with faith and excitement.
    And again…the best way to start a new year with new friends!

    I also spent a week in Brighton, UK at the Bodhisattva Buddhist Centre where I cooked for the “World Peace Cafe” and got the chance to take long walks along the beach.
    It’s incredibly beautiful and peaceful if you just listen to the seagulls and the waves.
    I felt very connected to myself and my environment and I promised to practise and remember this contentment every day of my life once I am back in Berlin (or wherever I go next…)

    Last but not least I also spent a few days in London where I was eating at the SAF Restaurant (not very impressed by it-overpriced and unspectacular for my expectations) and the Wild Food Cafe where I shared with my friend Yogi a pleasantly bitter wild green/herb salad and two raw entrees – the Pistaccio Falafel sandwich with squash & hemp hummus and the Raw-Sol-A-Mio with a tart coconut cheeze spread and wild sea purslane pesto.
    Everything was delicious but a little bit too salty for my taste.
    I especially enjoyed the atmosphere in this bubbly, busy, colourful and noisy cafe!
    I could have stayed all day and watch the kitchen staff prepare lunch for everyone.


    Wild Food Cafe - London

    So as you can see I had a great time away but I was also desperate to have my own space/room/bed in my cosy apartment in Berlin again.
    And I was looking forward to preparing my own fresh, organic food at home.
    It’s like meditation after a long day working, biking, shopping and exploring (I still feel like a little kid when I cruise around the city).
    For dinner I usually have a huge green salad with arugula, lettuce, spinach, postelein and shredded veggies like red cabbage, kohlrabi, fennel, beets…. with either some smoked tofu, goats cheese, quinoa, hemp seeds or any other protein-rich toppings.
    I love the fact that I am eating a lot of raw vegetables withouth being too strict about the raw/vegan “rules” which I have never liked anyways.
    But I feel nourished and satisfied with a rich plant-based diet and my green smoothies in the morning.
    I also bought some hemp protein powder and another interesting sachet of “Greener Grass” in Brighton which I am adding to my homemade almond milk, banana and spinach in the morning.
    Best way to start the day!

    Breakfast Smoothie

    At the moment I work at the cafe Lebensfroh in Kreuzberg and the first European vegan supermarket Veganz in Prenzlauer Berg.
    I am responsible for the raw desserts as well as the raw section of the weekly Sunday brunches at Veganz.
    I will also be teaching raw food classes there, starting Feburary 16 at the new “show kitchen” just next to the supermarket.
    A nice post about both places from veggie-love blogger Franziska you can read -> HERE

    I love my job as a freelance raw food chef and there are some exciting new projects coming up this year!
    I also want to continue working as a personal chef as I very much enjoyed this challange in London and New York the past years.
    My focus and emphasis will definitely be on raw, unprocessed foods but -like myself- I encourage flexibilty and balance.
    For everyone being interested in my service – preparing raw cakes for birthdays, weddings, caterings or personal chef enquiry

    please contact me here -> raw.berlin@googlemail.com

    So…finally I will reveal the recipe for my Raw Chocolate-Chestnut Cake.
    I came up with this recipe when I started working at the cafe in September and didnt know much about European Chestnuts, Chufas, Xylitol, Irish Moss, etc.
    But thanks to an amazing (+ patient) team and a broad variety of high-quality raw ingredients I played around for a while and am now ready to present you my favourite cake recipe:

    Chocolate-Chestnut Cake

    Raw Chocolate-Chestnut Cake with Ganache Frosting

    250g Hazelnuts
    200g Medjool dates
    30g Cacao powder
    40g Cacao nibs
    1 Tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)
    salt, vanilla

    200g Cashews (soaked overnight and rinsed)
    70g Chestnut flower
    30g Cacao powder
    150g Maple syrup
    50ml Nutmilk (home-made or store-bought)
    150g Coconut oil (melted)


    70g Coconut oil (melted)
    60g Cacao powder
    50g Maple syrup or (30g maple syrup, 20g coconut nectar)
    espresso shot (optional)

    For the crust:
    Put the hazelnuts in a food processor and grind to a fine meal (or more chunky if you like).
    Add cacao powder/nibs, salt and vanilla and pulse again.
    Last add the dates and coconut oil and process until crumbly.

    Press the crust into a cake form and freeze.

    For the filling:
    Blend the cashews with the rest of the ingredients -except the coconut oil- in a high-speed blender until smooth.
    Gradually add the coconut oil and continue to blend until well combined.
    Pour into cake form and put back into the freezer.

    For the Ganache:
    Blend all the ingredients in a high-speed blender and pour on top of the filling.

    Freeze overnight or store for a couple of hours in the fridge.
    Garnish with cacao nibs and/or cacao powder.

    Enjoy and share with your loved ones!


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    1. melotos

      see you at yoga on tuesday;)

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    Why ask?